Get the most from your irrigation development with your own data. by getting a Green Brain. by understanding your soil. by testing your plants. with Mitchell Agronomy.

Improve crop yields whilst saving water and money - Mitchell Agronomy have been helping Australian growers do precisely that for over 15 years. Ensure your business has the advantage of reliable and accessable data.

Convenient access to your data

Using MEAs 'Green Brain' app or website portal, you can view soil moisture and temperature data on any internet-connected computer, and on a wide range of smart devices. Green Brain is feature-packed, whilst remaining easy to use. Data from a Green Brain will help you manage water usage, target fertiliser programs, monitor soil salinity, increase the efficiency of irrigation schedules, and monitor weather conditions.

Visit on your phone/tablet/laptop to try Green Brain | Username, password demo.

AquaCheck WEB now available

When paired with AquaLink solar-powered data loggers, AquaCheck WEB allows you to view soil moisture data on any internet-connected computer. AquaCheck probes provide data on soil moisture dynamics for the entire root zone, and will help you manage water usage, target fertiliser programs, monitor soil salinity, and increase the efficiency of irrigation schedules.

With AquaCheck WEB it's easy to view customised graphs and to export your raw data for use with spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

We service regions that include the Murray-Darling Sunraysia North-West Victoria the SA Riverland Ellerslie Pomona Coomealla Curlwaa Piangil Swan Hill Mildura Red Cliffs Irymple Merbein Robinvale Cardross Loxton Renmark

MEA Authorised Agent

We endorse MEA products based upon years of experience using their products, their record of excellent after sales support, and their continued investment in researching new technology which is helping growers improve their irrigation based businesses.

Our new identity

Mitchell Agronomy is a family-owned business based in Mildura, Australia. Previously known as Vine Science, our name change reflects the changing face of agriculture in south-eastern Australia.

Recommended products

We offer installation and support for the following products. Better understand your soil, crops, and climate, with convenient access to your data using intelligent 'Green Brain' and AquaCheck WEB compatible products.

Plexus Mesh-networking Radio System

No long cable runs, low ongoing costs, and you own the data! MEA’s affordable new mesh-networking wireless system collects soil moisture readings from across your property and delivers data to you, in your hand, at the press of a button - all you need is a device connected to the internet. They are low maintenance and fully solar-powered, so once installed you can walk away and forget about it. Designed for years of maintenance free operation, with local support by Mitchell Agronomy, your MEA Agent.

The Plexus creates a 'self-healing' mesh-network that will continue operating even if one node is damaged, ensuring you can always access your data.

AquaLink Solar-powered Data Logger

Able to operate on both GPRS or 3G networks, the AquaLink solar-powered data logger connects to a 'cloud' interface that allows soil moisture data to be viewed on internet connected devices via AquaCheck WEB. Even if you are outside a coverage area, the device will continue to log data using it's internal memory until the device is returned to a coverage-area. Paired with AquaCheck soil moisture probes, and with local support by Mitchell Agronomy, these devices can run autonomously for months or even years at a time.

Able to function in the harshest of environments, the AquaLink has been designed to intelligently alter the behavior of the device depending on the battery level and the amount of sunlight (charge) available.

AquaCheck Capacitance Probe

The AquaCheck sub-surface probe provides capacitance based soil moisture measurement in lengths from 20cm to 150cm, each with 6 sensors per probe. Probes are also available with sensors every 10cm upon request. Soil moisture readings are compensated for the effect of temperature, giving you measurements upon which you can rely. The internal electronics are fully encapsulated in epoxy, protecting them against moisture and chemicals - this makes them reliable, consistent and very stable.

Soil moisture data can be used to target irrigation events and increase irrigation efficiency.

EnviroPro Capacitance Probe

The Enviropro capacitance probe enables you to track the movement of water all the way through the root zone, with soil moisture, temperature, and optional salinity measurements available at every sensor depth. Probes are available in a range of lengths from 40 to 160 cm, configured with sensors located every 10cm along the probe.

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With the ability to monitor salinity build up in the root zone, you can save water and money by only applying a leaching irrigation when necessary.

Gypsum Block Soil Moisture Sensors

We supply and install Watermark-style gypsum blocks, well suited to the soil types found across the Mallee or, alternatively, traditional gypsum blocks that are best suited to heavy clays rather than sandy soils. Gypsum blocks are inexpensive and offer a hassle- and maintenance-free alternative to tensiometers.


Soil moisture tension (measured in kPa) lets you know how hard your plants are working to extract moisture from the soil.

Automatic Weather Stations

With an impressive range of MEA weather stations, Mitchell Agronomy can supply and install a station tailored to your needs. All weather stations use only the highest-quality sensors, operate autonomously, and are low maintenance having been designed to cope with the harsh Australian climate. They may also be used in networked data systems, such as the Lower Murray Water weather station network:, proudly installed by Mitchell Agronomy.

Advanced data such as leaf wetness, solar radiation, soil moisture/temperature, can be provided in addition to wind speed/direction, rainfall, temperature and humidty, and barometric pressure.

Additional services for growers

Understanding your soil and water management strategy are more important than ever. These services will save your business money, as well as producing better environmental outcomes and improved crop yields.

Soil Surveying for Irrigation Developments

Soil surveying is an integral part of any new horticultural development, and provides important data regarding your horticultural site(s) crop water requirements, soil profile, drainage considerations, soil chemistry, and more.

Mitchell Agronomy is accredited to survey soils within the Victorian Salinity Management Plan sub-regions of: Sunraysia Salinity Management Plan (Sunraysia SMP); Nangiloc-Colignan Salinity Management Plan (Nangiloc-Colignan SMP); Nyah to the South Australian Border Salinity Management Plan (Nyah to the SA Border SMP); and the New South Wales Murray-Darling Water Management Action Plan area.

A soil survey will provide you with information on crop suitability, soil water holding capability, irrigation scheduling guidelines and soil improvement strategies.

Plant Nutritional Analysis

Regular plant tissue analyses performed each season will provide you with valuable information which can be used to help manage fertiliser input needs and to monitor for any nutritional issues. Management recommendations based on the seasonal analyses and the longer term trends are provided, and we can help you develop a fertiliser program for your crop. We collect the samples, have them analysed, then produce a report summarising the data and providing a list of recommendations based upon that data.

The results of annual plant nutritional analyses are of considerable help in identifying long-term trends.

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